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SHISEIDO The Collagen EX drink 50ml


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Shiseido Collagen EX


SHISEIDO The Collagen EX drink 50ml High Beauty drink!! Directly shipped from Japan!!


The person who wants to keep beauty forever/The person who wants to take in collagen positively willingly/The person who has a strong beauty awareness.



Product Description
The drink which supports beauty in 15 kinds of beauty ingredients -
Patent acquisition beauty drink * which combined 15 kinds of ingredients including the N-acetylglucosamine that "Shiseido the collagen EX drink N" constituted a Eucommia Bark leaf, Korai carrot, dove wheat, amla fruit extract, citron seed extract, moisture peptide, hyaluronic acid including small molecule collagen.
Calorie off (6.5kcal per one), non-caffeine, preservative no addition.
*The patent 3308433rd: Patent about the beauty of the combination ingredient
In ●The person who wants to keep beauty forever
●The person who wants to take in collagen positively willingly
●The person who has a strong beauty awareness
[call way of rising of]
It is good for an aim and cools one of them a day, and I wave it well, and, please drink it.
[all ingredients]
Erythritol, reduction malt sugar starch syrup, Eucommia Bark leaf, Korai ginseng extract, collagen peptide, shark cartilage extract, amla fruit extract, citron seed extract, dove wheat extract, N-acetylglucosamine, konjac potato extract (ceramide component), elastin peptide (fish origin), acidulant, V.C, fragrance, cyclic oligosaccharides, V.B6, V.E, V.B2, sweetener (sucralose, acesulfame potassium), Polysaccharide thickener(in a part of the raw materials including a soybean, gelatin, a shrimp, the crab)
[nourishment ingredient indication] one (50mL) hit
10 mg of energy 6.5kcal/ protein 0.35g/ lipid 0g/ carbohydrates 3.5g/ sodium 43mg/ vitamin B2 4mg/ vitamin B6 10mg/ vitamin C 100mg/ vitamin E
-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
30 mg of collagen 200mg/ ceramide 120μg/N - acetylglucosamine 30mg/ chondroitin sulfate
◇Please do not keep it in a place becoming the high temperature, the place getting the direct rays of the sun.
◇Because you may not be rarely correct by constitution, physical condition, in that case, please refrain from the use.
◇When a person under treatment and a pregnant person use it for illness, please talk with a doctor and a pharmacist beforehand.
◇The eating habits on the basis of staple food, the main greens, vice-greens the balance of the meal.
◇After opening, please drink immediately.
◇Please throw away the bottle to the bottle case in autumn by all means in autumn.
◇Please do not let me freeze. The contents expand, and a container may be damaged.
◇Please warn it not to be hurt with a cut end and the tang of the cap.
◇Because a container might be damaged, I heat, and, please do not refrigerate it.

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