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What is BigSale.jp?

BigSale.jp is an online business referral system, that aggregates and presents products, services and promotional offers from hundreds of merchants, from all over Japan. It will help you to save a lot of money everyday, on products and services you need.

What is Big Sale’s specialty?

The site has a simple multilingual interface that allows visitors to search and find products and services, in their own language. Since it aggregates offers, you do not need to visit stores or websites separately to find anything. The site is optimized to find businesses near you, that are conducting a promotion. Once registered, you will receive automatic notifications on your mobile devices.

How can I utilize this service, in the best way?

Big Sale Japan has Apps launched in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Just type “Big Sale” and install our app onto your mobile device. Once installed, you can navigate to a shop/service station within the area of your search. You can also print out product pages and take along to the shop. This will help you to avoid any language barriers.

You strongly recommend you to become a site member. This will allow you to bookmark your searches, or add them to your wish-list, and also rate and comment on them. You shall receive notifications of ongoing promotions on your mobile devices, when you are close to a target shop.

What do I need to access this service?

To access BigSale you either need a PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone, that is connected to the internet. In Japan, you may also be able to connect via free Wifi networks available in stations, convenient stores or certain shopping complexes.

How can I purchase items through Big Sale?

Big Sale currently does not perform any commercial transactions directly with the site visitors. Its activities are limited to displaying information on offers and referring would-be customers to the respective merchants. Interested parties can call, email or visit the merchant’s online page and actual stores to complete the transaction. It can be useful to the merchant if the customers can refer to an offer via a mobile device or print-out.

I had an unpleasant experience with a business referred by Big Sale. What should I do?

In such cases, we sincerely apologize for your experience. We do not ensure end-users about the quality of the products sold by a merchant nor do we settle warranty claims resulting from a transaction. However, we do monitor any gross violations or grievances caused to the end-users. Please use our on-site merchant and product review system to post and rate on your experiences. You may also file a complaint by contacting us directly. Merchants who are found to be guilty of fraud or mismanagement shall be dealt with immediately. In such cases, please refer to our Contact Us page.